Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rosalie Sims: April 30, 1938 - May 16, 2008

Rosalie Sims, My Mom

Rosalie was my mom, and her obituary written in a time of shock and grief does not nearly explain her wonderful personality.

She laughed out loud often, and our house was full of good times even in the midst the struggle she faced of racing three children on her own without support financially or emotionally.

Lord knows, I made it especially tough.

My mom was not a good housekeeper. In fact, she was a mess, but that didn’t matter to her. What did was being there for her children.

She went to many of our sporting events and other activities, which were a lot with three kids.

Oh, and she loved to shop. I sure miss that about her, because I hate to shop and even at the age of 38 my mom bought most of my clothes.

She could find a $300 leather jacket for $18 and was proud of it. I probably hate to shop because of her. She would look at every single item on the rack and when you are a child that’s too much time not doing what you want.

She had this voice that just soothed you. She made you feel at home no matter where you were and was able to cry on the most intelligent conversations even with strangers.

I remember a man who was living in Jewett who was from somewhere in Europe. He didn’t speak hardly any English, but they became friends, and he even called her after leaving the states. She just was so nice like that.

Also Roslie was a great cook, but she always prepared enough for an army. She just had so many qualities, more than I can mention.

Written by Rosalie's youngest daughter, Adrienne Sims Wallace, and posted originally on ObitsOhio.com on May 11, 2009.

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