Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ray Church, Wellington VFW chaplain, radio/TV repairman, packrat

My feature about "The Dash Between" October 9, 1918, when Wellington VFW chaplain Ray Church was born, and December 23, 2009, when the retired radio and TV repairman died, landed on the front page of the Elyria Chronicle on Sunday, January 10, 2010.

The 91-year-old lifelong resident of Wellington, Ohio, was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for his service as a radio operator with the 176th Field Artillery Battalion in France during World War II.

Ray was honored in October 2009 by the Wellington Fullbackers for his more than 50 years of raising the flag at Wellington Dukes home football games.

Click this link to read Ray's story.

To recommend people for “The Dash Between” obit features for the Chronicle, Gazette, or other print or online publications, contact Alana Baranick at or 216-862-2617.

This "Dash Between" column was originally posted on on Jan. 10, 2010.

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