Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dash Between: Evelyn Steingass Riggs made every day a masterpiece

Evelyn Steingass Riggs made sure her hair was well-coiffed, her makeup flawless and her attire stylish whether she was raising money for the Buckeye schools with her first husband, roller skating with her second husband or riding a tractor to mow acres of farmland.

“She was always attractive,” said her son, Jon Steingass. “People always mentioned that about her. She always looked like a million dollars.”

Before her first husband, Edwin Steingass, died in 1979, he bought a tractor for her and put a mower on the back of it. He wanted to make it easier for her to mow their extensive lawn.

“Even when she was mowing, she looked great,” her son said.

After her second husband, W. Allan Riggs, died in 1994, Evelyn found reasons to get dressed up every day and drive to Medina or other destinations to meet with friends or relatives. Every day, that is, until she called her daughter, Karen Parish, and said, “Take me to the emergency room,” knowing her time was short.

The rest of the story about the Dash Between March 31, 1921, when she was born Evelyn Meyers at a hospital in Berea, Ohio, and Jan. 23, 2010, when Evelyn died at age 88 at Emeritus at Medina retirement community, was published in the Medina County Gazette on March 1, 2010.

On the left is a picture that was taken around 1930 of Evelyn Meyers and her younger sister, Ruth. Their little brother, Eugene, is not pictured.

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