Thursday, March 18, 2010

In Remembrance: Adrienne Rotta

Oct. 17, 1939 - May 28, 2007

Adrienne Rotta: Remembering Adrienne's Way

Adrienne Rotta always had a way about her. It was sometimes fanciful, sometimes delicate, often fun, but always caring.

Choosing an appropriate profession as a nurse, Adrienne cared for others. That was her way. She wanted to heal the wounds of others while it possibly comforted her own.

Her patients loved her and eventually many would come to worry for her. They couldn't help but relate to the hard-working woman, she just had that way about her.

Her physical beauty would draw them in, but Adrienne's personality is what kept all interested. The petite, well-groomed lady had sensitivity unmatched by most.

And Adrienne was just irresistible - Irresistible by the opposite gender and envied by her own. Adrienne had a way about her.

While liking to make an entrance, she still wanted to cater to those who were in the room even if she wasn't the hostess. She presented her hostess qualities at every event, family gatherings, her son's graduation parties and just a visit from friends beside the pool. The mother of three boys would wait on those around her, and she wanted to be enjoyed to. That was her way.

She took pride in her qualities of taking care of others. Her cooking was superb, her house immaculate, and your drinking glass was never empty when attending a get together at Adrienne's house. She did it all with grace and style. Though she may have slaved over a stove to prepare for a meal, Adrienne was physically flawless when greeting her family or guests.

Her ways of understanding that she needed to care for others and be admired for it came early. She and her sister helped provide for their household. Their family had endured many hardships, and often the daughters were the ones who had to pick up the pieces.

And these roots she honored through her life. She was attracted to those in need and sometimes to the chaos that surrounded them. She wanted to be the martyr and save the suffering, the broken and in turn she wanted to be saved through their respect and appreciation.

Adrienne will always be remembered for her cooking, cleaning and impeccable style, but mostly for her caring ways.

She just had a way about her.

Written by her niece and namesake, Adrienne Sims Wallace, and posted originally on on May 11, 2009.

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