Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Dash Between: The Meaning of the Dash Between

Obituaries, like tombstones, almost always include a person’s date of birth and date of death. The two milestones serve as bookends for what really matters: The dash between those dates. The life the person lived.

In this recurring column, we’ll talk about the dashes – from cradle to crypt – of specific individuals, of certain groups of people and of Ohioans in general. We’ll share what we’ve learned from those lives about various cultures, religions and lifestyles.

We’ll also spotlight issues affecting our lives, matters related to death and things you should know about Ohio and its people. The column will provide information about agencies, events and individuals that can help our readers or benefit from our readers’ support.

“The Dash Between” also will serve as a platform for guest columnists, including funeral directors, journalists, historians, teachers, business people, religious leaders and public officials, to get out their own messages about all sorts of things that can help us in doing the dash – in living our lives.

Most of all, we hope this column – along with the lives that are chronicled on – will inspire the living to be good to their neighbors, strive for success and keep hope alive.

- Alana Baranick.

(Alana Baranick wrote obituaries for the Cleveland Plain Dealer for more than 16 years, founded to recognize the life and passing of every Ohioan and created “The Dash Between” to share what she’s learned about life from writing about the dead.)

This post originally appeared on on May 10, 2009.

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