Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dash Between: George Hoover, old-fashioned country doctor

George Hoover (Photo courtesy of the family.)
George Hoover made house calls, accepted produce and chickens from patients in payment for his services and served his community - Oberlin, Ohio - on school boards, on city government commissions and through Kiwanis and other service organizations.

Click here to read about the Dash Between Nov. 19, 1921, when Hoover was born near Johnstown, Pa., and June 9, 2011, when he died at age 89. The story was published in the July 24, 2011, edition of the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram.

View his photo gallery here.
George Hoover often took his dog, Capricorn, on house calls. Capricorn obediently waited in the car, while Hoover saw his patients. (Photo courtesy of the family.)

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