Monday, June 7, 2010

Amos Campbell: Taffy puller, ice cream maker, Karmel Korn franchisee

Amos Campbell of Brunswick, Ohio, traveled throughout Ohio and adjacent states, to New England and western states and to Washington, D.C., reminding older adults of and introducing children and younger adults to an old-fashioned American tradition called the taffy pull.

Amos spent most of his 82 years serving or teaching about sweets and treats.

He started serving skyscraper ice cream cones at the Isaly's dairy store in Butler, Pa., in the 1940s. After several years of owning a dry cleaners and Laundromat in Columbiana, Ohio, he acquired Karmel Korn franchises at malls in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

Later, Amos ran an ice cream parlor at Mapleside Farms in Brunswick.

Around 10 years ago, he began taking taffy to senior centers, libraries and schools to offer hands-on training in the art of taffy pulling.

Visit the Medina County Gazette online to read more about Amos' "Dash Between" Nov. 18, 1927, when he was born in Greenville, Pa., and May 23, 2010, when he died at age 82.

You also can click here to watch a video of one of his taffy-pull demonstrations and view a slideshow of pictures depicting him at various stages of life.

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