Sunday, May 2, 2010

Micah Black, autistic 16-year-old, died March 30, 2010.

From The Chronicle-Telegram, the daily newspaper of Elyria, Ohio:

Micah Black’s autism limited his verbal communication to 2- or 3-word phrases, but it could not prevent the Elyria teen from singing all the lyrics to a movie soundtrack’s worth of songs.

“He was our classroom’s live iPod,” said Tim Duttry, who served as Micah’s personal attendant at Murray Ridge School. “Any song from ‘Mary Poppins’ or any Sunday school song, you could give him the first two words, and he could sing most every song. He knew every word.”

The Dash Between Aug 16, 1994, when Micah Robert Black was born in Oxnard, Calif., and March 30, 2010, when the son of Covenant Players ministers Michael and Diane Black died at age 16, is featured on the Local and State cover page of the print version of the May 2, 2010, Elyria Chronicle and online here.

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